Chipotle Cashew Butter

Cashew butter

Ingredients: cashew, chipotle peppers, smoked paprika, sea salt (spices: garlic, onion, cumin)


Chipotle Cashew Butter Red Pepper

Lots of Healthy Fats

10 grams of healthy fats per serving from cashew nuts.

Reduces Cholesterol

Capsaicin in the chipotle peppers helps reduce cholesterol levels and fights inflammation.

Did You Know?

Consuming one serving of cashew on an empty stomach in the morning sharpens the memory.


"Hi Guili, I just received the order and wanted to say thank you and both the cashew butters are SO good!! I am super excited to cook with them. Have a great rest of your week."

Jacquelyn M.

"So yummy. The smoky chipotle flavor is wonderful and strong. I have a medium spice tolerance and it's nicely hot."

Julia W.

"Absolutely loved it, thank you so much. And I thought it was endearing that there was a personal note as well."

Jessica L.

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